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Dumars on Curry

Keith Langlois has a two-part interview with Joe Dumars at From Part 1:

Dumars: I can’t live in that rollercoaster world of we win three games in a row and oh, my god, we’re on our way to the championship; we lose thre games in a row and oh, my gosh, worst thing ever. You can’t live in that world and do this. I watch how we play more than anything else. There have been times we’ve been winning games and I don’t like the way we’ve played and there are times we’ve hit some struggles and I say, I like the direction we’re heading. Right now, it’s probably neither for me. Right now, it’s watching a team trying to find itself. That’s what I’m seeing. I’m just watching a team trying to find itself. Get down big, can come back. Get up big, can lose the lead. That’s a team trying to find itself and that’s what we’re working through right now.

From Part 2:

KL: When you make a trade of the magnitude you made and the timing you made it, that’s always going to be tougher for a coach to have to integrate it during the course of the season. Mike, as a first-time head coach, maybe even a greater challenge. Beyond that, he hasn’t played it safe. He’s changed the starting lineup around a few times. Just tell me what you’ve seen from him during this process and how he’s handling some of the ups and downs.

JD: He’s doing exactly what I thought he would do and what you and I have talked about before. One of the things I said early on is that you won’t see him shy away from whatever challenges will be thrown his way. That’s not how you institute change and transition to your organization. There is a time to be safe and a time to be conservative in what you’re doing, and then there’s a time to take risk and take chances. Because that’s the only way you can make that kind of major transition you’re trying to make. You can’t make it going the conservative route all the time. Now, once you have things in place, a lot of times you step back and you don’t want to mess with it. You allow it to develop over time. But to get to that point, you have to do things sometimes that are unconventional. Mike understands that and that’s why you see him, as a first-year head coach, he’s not playing it safe or what the status quo is saying or doing. It’s irrelevant to success. It’s irrelevant what the status quo may say or do. That’s their choice. His choice is not to be that. That’s not to say that other people are wrong. It’s just not his choice to do that.

In other words, he's not being inconsistent, he's being risky!