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Looking inside Stuckey’s numbers

From Adam Madison for ESPN:

If Stuckey can retain his plus shooting from the field -- 47 percent for the season, nearly seven percentage points higher than his rookie season's 40.1 percent -- then there's no reason he can't lead the Pistons in scoring. Well, except for that Iverson guy.

Stuckey's shooting percentage may seem high -- boosted by an insane 58.3 percent mark in December -- and my natural inclination to that is to assume it's just hot jump shooting. Looking on, though, I saw that only 52 percent of his shots have been jumpers, while the other 48 percent have all been inside the paint. Browsing other top wing players' stats helps you see just how impressive that mark is. Forty-one percent of LeBron James' shots are inside, for example. Dwyane Wade is at 36 percent, Paul Pierce at 28 percent, and Kobe Bryant at 23 percent. If you can get into the lane at will, and have a respectable enough jump shot to keep defenses honest, then not much is preventing you from being an offensive juggernaut. By the way, it's not much of a sample size, but Stuckey is shooting better than 40 percent from beyond the arc this season.

Hat-tip: Full-Court Press