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Pistons beat Spurs, nothing beats brevity

If you missed the game, let DBB reader joejoejoe catch you up in 101 words:

The first half was a bunch of ugly with brief periods of Tay bailing out the team on offense and Afflalo doing the same on D. Overall, the kids were beasts on D (Stuckey, Afflalo, Amir) and ‘Sheed went bananas (17 of his 19 points) after he got a tech for touching Matt Bonner with his butt on the blocks. Manu looks like he forgot how to play defense. The AI/Rip telenovela is ongoing. Tay was looked like Tay the All-Star SF not Tay the pissed off PG because Stuckey was awesome running the show. It was a night of magic. The End.

Or, as Quick Darshan put it:

The sky is rising!

Pistons 89, Spurs 77 box score /

Update: What a great quote from Gregg Popovich:

I think Detroit intimidated us. I think they ran us all over the court, with their aggressiveness and physicality. It was really sad to watch in that respect. I thought we totally folded to their aggressive play, thus the loss."