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The Pistons as the Lions

Earlier this year, Michael Rosenberg of the Free Press suggested Joe Dumars should replace Matt Millen. Well, Millen is gone, but DBB reader Gogol was reading a recent Mighty MJD article and got to thinking ...

And it got me thinking about making the Pistons into a Football team. This is what I came up with.

QB- Allen Iverson
RB1- Rodney Stuckey
RB2- Will Bynum
WR1- Tayshaun Prince
WR2- Amir Johnson
WR3- Richard Hamilton
WR4- Arron Afflalo
TE- Walter Herrmann
LT- Kwame Brown
LG-Rasheed Wallace
C- Walter Sharpe
RG- Antonio Mcdyess
RT- Jason Maxiell

DT1- Kwame Brown
DT2-Jason Maxiell
DE1- Amir Johnson
DE2- Richard Hamilton
SSLB- Rodney Stuckey
MLB- Walter Herrmann
WSLB- Tayshaun Prince
CB1- Arron Afflalo
CB2- Will Bynum
SS Rasheed Wallace
FS- Antonio Mcdyess

KR/PR - Allen Iverson
K/P-Alex Acker

Ridiculous, I know. But It entertained me. And frankly, I bet they could give the Lions a run for their money.

I'd stick Stuckey at CB2, bump Bynum to SS, Sheed to SSLB and replace McDyess at FS with AI or Acker, but yeah, I think he's on to something.