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Rasheed replaces Garnett in All-Star game (much to his chagrin)

With Kevin Garnett unable to play in the All-Star game due to an abdominal strain, David Stern selected Rasheed Wallace as a replacement. Wallace has publicly said he'd rather not attend the weekend's festivities, but Flip Saunders thinks he'll figure out a way to have fun. From my HOOPSWORLD article:

"Once he gets down there, he'll enjoy it, especially now with his kids getting a little bit older and really understanding what it's all about, too," said Saunders. "You do those things sometimes as much for your organization and your family as much as for yourself."

After the game, Wallace spoke briefly about being selected:

He admitted that it was an honor and said if anything it'll be something his kids will be able to enjoy, but at the same time admitted that he did in fact have other plans already made that he'd have to cancel and move to the summer. In all seriousness, he sounded more excited about being able to root Rip Hamilton on in the three-point contest than he did about being recognized as one of the best at his position.

While his answers were somewhat short and clipped when talking about himself, he spoke at length when asked about the progress made by some of the team's young players and what they need to do to continue getting better. He doesn't make it easy when reporters want to focus on his own accomplishments, but he's never short in praise for his teammates.

Here's the funny thing: the Pistons will have three reps at the game, while the Celtics (sans Garnett) will only have one. For all the jersey popping and self-congratulating Boston does after each win, don't think for a moment that they don't feel slighted.

But should Boston even be the most offended? Or has Hedo Turkoglu been robbed? Personally, I think Josh Smith has the most reason to be angry, but it comes down to positions, and the East had to pick a center considering the coaches had already fudged Chris Bosh's position when they voted in reserves. And if that's the case, it had to be either Sheed or Zydrunas Ilgauskas, right? I think Stern made the right call, Wallace's vacation plans be damned.