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The "Free Amir" t-shirt

Free AmirFor all the attention Amir Johnson gets on this site, he's long overdue for his own t-shirt. Just like the rest of the DBB shirts, when you wear this in public you'll get a knowing nod of approval from Pistons fans and a confused stare from everybody else.

Fortunately, DBB reader Sauce1977 put the wheels in motion earlier this week by creating a rockin' animated .gif, which was then adapted (with his blessing) into the final design for the shirt (which, as usual, comes in an assortment of styles and sizes). This one is a little more expensive than the rest of the shirts in the DBB store, but that's because I opted for a different printing method that should produce a graphic that won't ever fade.

Also, I liked the clean look of the logo so much that I opted not to brand it with this site's URL, so that means when you see another fan lusting after it, it's up to you to tell them where you got it. Chances are he'll be so grateful that he'll buy you a beer, so it's really win-win. So go buy one.