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Chauncey Billups likes being overlooked

From the Denver Post:

"Nobody knows we're winning," Pistons guard Chauncey Billups said. "All people know is that Pau Gasol went to Los Angeles, Shaq (O'Neal) went to Phoenix and Jason Kidd is supposed to be on his way to Dallas."

In an unprecedented month in basketball, in which three all-star-caliber players joined Finals contenders, all the Pistons did was win 10 straight games. Entering this all-star break, no team had a longer current win streak, something you likely didn't know (though you know all about Devean George's contract stipulations).

But Billups, a Denver native, said he likes being the "hunter." He doesn't mind being under the radar in February, as long as he's still lacing his sneakers in June.

"Guys are making big-name trades, but to win a championship, you've got to be a cohesive unit," he said. "You can't have all all-stars. Some guys have to sacrifice some things and you have to be a little lucky, as well. Teams are making some great moves, but you still need time."

He is happy with his team's makeup, even if it is the same makeup that fumbled high expectations the past two seasons.

"Because Cleveland locked us down (in the 2007 playoffs) and we lose the year before to Miami, those things make you hungry," said Billups, who played high school ball at George Washington and college ball at Colorado. "I was telling someone the other day, I don't know what I'd give to relive the night we won the championship."

Prime-time Pistons? Nah, just winners [Denver Post]