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On trades and rookies

I've been busy with HOOPSWORLD lately -- I have a Central Division trade deadline analysis up, as well as a progress report on Arron Afflalo and Rodney Stuckey:

Billups has noticed Stuckey's improvement, as well. "I think the game is slowing down for him," said Billups last week. "He is able to see different things that are happening before they actually happen. That is the intuition that point guards really need to have and he is able to start seeing that."

Nothing breeds intuition like familiarity, which Stuckey says he now has with the entire second unit. "I know when I'm on the break and I got Amir and Max running with me, I know not to throw the ball down to their ankles because they can't catch it there. So I just throw the ball up to the rim," said Stuckey. "And with Afflalo, when he's running the break, give him the ball on the wings so he can hit some open shots. I'm pretty comfortable with these guys already; it's just all about getting more playing time with each other and getting more comfortable."

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