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Chauncey and Rip are seeing stars

As I'm sure you already know, the Eastern Conference coaches have spoken and named Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton as All-Star reserves for the third straight year. In my latest piece for HOOPSWORLD, I get their reaction to the honor:

Hamilton echoed Billups' sentiments. "It's fun, it's exciting," he said. "I wouldn't be going to the All-Star without my teammates. It's great for Chauncey to be there with me, so it's exciting."

In fact, it's only appropriate the two players are going together, considering how tied their fortunes have been ever since arriving in Detroit at the same time in 2002.

"We always said we're a package deal," said Billups. "We came into this town together and with big dreams trying to win a championship and be the best backcourt in the world. And I think we've done that."

That phrase -- "best backcourt in the world" -- has been bandied around so many times around here that I rarely give it much thought. I still believe it be true, but who would you rank behind them?