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With Billups (likely) out, Stuckey will start

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Chauncey Billups returned to Michigan to deal with an undisclosed personal matter. He's not expected back in time for Saturday's game, which means Rodney Stuckey should get his first start. In fact, we could even see a little bit of Lindsey Hunter ... with an emphasis on little. From Chris McCosky in the DetNews:

Hunter has played in just one game -- for six minutes at San Antonio -- since Dec. 26. He has been battling the flu for a couple of weeks and hasn't even practiced much. So, when it was suggested to Hunter that he might have to play 20 minutes tonight, he reacted in mock horror.

"Twenty minutes? Me? Right now?" he said. "No, no.

"Like I told them (the coaches), use me sparingly. Stuckey's playing 40 minutes."