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Theo Ratliff may stay awhile

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From Chris McCosky in the Detroit News:

Even though the Pistons' contractual commitment to Theo Ratliff ends after this season, the door is wide open for him to come back next season.

"It's pretty much up in the air right now," said Ratliff, who started his second straight game for the Pistons on Sunday. He finished with 10 points, eight rebounds and three blocks in 26 minutes.

Ratliff's plan was to retire after this, his 13th NBA season. But both he and Pistons president Joe Dumars have talked about him coming back next season as the Pistons' fifth big man.

"It's going to come down to family and how I feel," said Ratliff, who will be 35 in April. "I have six kids, and they are growing up fast."

Ratliff's children range in age from 12 to 1. Presently, they are in Boston, but the family base is in Atlanta.

"We'll talk after the season and see how everything works out," he said.

I hear a lot of jokes about Theo's age (in general, not just here), but you guys realize he was drafted the same year as Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace, right? If Ratliff wants to stay, don't discount the Arnie Kander Effect in keeping him productive.

Ratliff considers one more season / Detroit News