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Answer questions, win tickets

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I'm giving away two tickets to see the Pistons and Nuggets this coming Tuesday, March 18. Not just any two tickets, but two tickets to watch the game in a suite with me and several other Detroit Bad Boys commenters complete with a pre-game tour that will get you so close to the floor you'll be looking for the extra zeros on your paycheck -- all courtesy of the fine folks at

I debated with how to give the tickets away since the internet has essentially made even the most obscure trivia questions solvable, but that's what I'm doing. You'll have to dig a little for the answers, but if you get them, email them to matt detroitbadboys by 2:30 pm Wednesday (3/12) (contest over!), at which point I'll randomly draw one name out of all of the correct entries. Make sense?

Here goes:

  1. Amir Johnson was drafted 56th overall in 2005. How many other players have the Pistons drafted 56th overall, what were their names and where did they go to school?
  2. When was the last time the Nuggets beat the Pistons at the Palace, and who led the Nuggets in scoring?
  3. The Pistons and Nuggets were involved in the NBA’s highest scoring game on December 13, 1983 when the Pistons won in Denver, 186-184. When did the lowest scoring game between these two teams take place, what was the final score and who led the Pistons in scoring?

I know, I know, too easy, right? If you know the answers, please don't reveal them in the comments, since that'll make it that much more difficult for everyone to win. And thanks again to the Pistons organization for making this all happen.


Wow, this was harder than I thought. I'm going to go answer the questions in reverse order:

3. On November 16 2002, the Pistons beat the Nuggets 74-53 behind a team-high 19 points from Cliff Robinson. Incidentally, the 74 points scored by Detroit were the fewest they've ever scored against Denver, and they've never held Denver to fewer than 53 points.

2. This one tripped up a lot of people. The most popular answer was March 19, 1995 when the Pistons lost 99-88, with Jalen Rose scoring 20 for Denver. However, the last time the Pistons actually lost to the Nuggets at the Palace was in the preseason last year: October 22, 2006 when the Nuggets won 124-105 behind 19 points from Kenyon Martin.

1. The question about the draft was tricky, and it's my fault because I didn't account for how screwy the NBA did things back then with territorial picks, etc. So with that in mind, I would have accepted any two of the following:

1962, John Bradley out of Lawrence Tech
1964, Jerry Jackson out of Ohio
1968, Carl Fuller out of Bethune-Cookman

So the winner is ... Matt Parks. Congrats! And thanks to everyone who entered, as well as the Pistons for offering up the prize in the first place.