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Pistons, Nuggets and DBB clash at the Palace

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The Nuggets have been picking up steam in their last three wins: first game a 108-86 win over the Grizzlies, then a 137-105 blowout over the Raptors and then a 168-116 laugher over the Sonics. Graphing those scores in my head, the thought of a 198-130 loss tonight did cross my mind, but then I remembered the Nuggets haven't won a regular-season game in Detroit since 1995, and if I'm going to rely on any arbitrary trend, I may as well stick with the one with the largest sample size.

To prepare for tonight's festivities, Nick the Nugg Doctor and I exchanged a few questions. Follow that link for my answers to his queries, and continue reading for his answers below:

DBB: How much does it suck being in the West where the Nuggets might win 50 games and not make the playoffs?

ND: It doesn't suck at all. I wouldn't want to be in the East where a team doesn't even have to win .500 of their games to make the playoffs. I refuse to be a whiner because the rest of the West stepped up its game. The Nuggets just need to crawl their way into the playoffs somehow because owner Stan Kroenke has spent to much money to be done after 82 games.

MW: Is it time to change the playoffs?

ND: Nah, they playoffs are good the way they are. Eight in the East, eight in the West, and no belly aching.

DBB: The last time the Nuggets won a regular-season game in Detroit, Joe Dumars was still playing and Jalen Rose was a rookie. What makes you think the Nuggets can win tonight?

I'm hoping the Nuggets can score like a million points tonight and embarrass the Pistons. We owe you guys big-time! And if memory serves me correctly, you guys just barely escaped defeat on the Hail Mary heave of 'Sheed last year. Thought I forgot about that one, didn't you? Damn you, 'Sheed!

DBB: Seriously, where can I get one of those Leprechaun flutes?

ND: Well, no promises, but I could talk to a few of the Leprechauns I know. One lives in a tree just down the way from me. The thing is, if you look at him directly he disappears and if you leave a message on his voicemail it's anyone's guess if he'll get back to you. I'll try to get you one though.

Thanks to Nick for setting this up, and don't forget to read my answers.

I'll be at the game tonight (7:30pm, FSN), but for the first time all season I'm actually going as a fan and not a working member of the media. As I mentioned before, the Pistons were generous enough to offer up the suite tonight for me to invite a handful of readers, which should be really fun. Do your thing in the comments, and enjoy watching two of the most different teams in the league go at it.