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Pistons are in Toronto

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The Pistons and Raptors square off for the third time this year. So far the Pistons have handled the Raptors with ease, winning the first two games by an average of 15 points. Expect that trend to continue, especially considering the Raps are in the midst of a 2-8 slide that leaves them with a .500 record and all the way down to the No. 7 seed, which means this could very well be a sneak peek of the first-round of the playoffs.

Lots of links for you to peruse should the game lose your interest, including this Q&A that I did with Jeff Wong of The Score, as well as one that Natalie from Need4Sheed did with Hoops Addict (and vice versa). Last but not least, here's a preview by Raps blog Cuzoogle:

Tonight the Raptors will try to scrape their sorry asses off the court and steal a home win against the Pistons. Considering the Sixers are hotter than Jessica Alba in the shower, Toronto needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat tonight just to keep pace in the East. Sadly there are a few factors going against the Dinos and one of them is a man simply known as Sheed.

Couldn't have said it better myself. The ball tips in a few on FSN -- leave your thoughts in the comments.