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"We still hate Cleveland"

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Will Ben Wallace's arrival in Cleveland lessen the rivalry between the Pistons and Cavs? The Pistons don't think so. From the DetNews:

"We still hate Cleveland," Lindsey Hunter said, with no trace of a smile. "We didn’t like Chicago (when Wallace was there), either. That’s just the way it is."

Others weren’t quite so sure.

"It’s not going to be that hate relationship," Antonio McDyess said. "It’s funny. Ben has been on every team in the East that we dislike the most. Every team he’s on, Chicago, Cleveland, is a team we really dislike. Now, if his next move is to Miami, it’s going to be even worse."
"It’s just so different, him wearing that Cleveland uniform" McDyess said. "But you can’t hate Ben. He’s a part of us. But you know, they are going to be pumped up just for the fact that he’s on their team — no matter what. And we’re going to be pumped up just as much. So I guess it makes things a little more intense."