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Rasheed may sit tonight

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Krista Jahnke reports that Rasheed Wallace sat out of this morning's shoot-around in favor of getting treatment -- or as Theo Ratliff would say, having Arnie Kander lay his hands on him. Whether the miracle worker gets Wallace in good enough shape to play tonight is still unknown, but Jahnke suggests the Pistons might hold him out in favor of seeing what Theo Ratliff has in the tank, which sounds like a good plan to me. I mean, it's just the Knicks, right?

Also, this was kind of funny:

Pistons rookie Arron Afflalo missed the bus to the Garden because the departure time had changed and he didn't get the memo. He had to cab over on his own. Team security guru Jerry Hendon waited by the elevators for Afflalo to appear. When he did, he told him solemnly, "Coach said he doesn't want you to come in. He said to just go back to the hotel."

Afflalo looked totally deflated. He asked, "Really, coach Saunders said that?"

"Yup,' Jerry said, pulling him back toward the elevator. "He said just go on back."

A few seconds passed before Jerry finally cracked up, letting Afflalo know it was all a joke.

It was quite funny, especially considering Afflalo is the last person you'd expect to get in trouble for missing a bus. He's typically the first one in the arena on game days and is one of the team's hardest workers.