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Players and coaches collaborate on LBJ Rules

From A. Sherrod Blakely:

Detroit's defense did an exceptional job against Cleveland, in part because of some suggestions made by some of the players. Prince said that he and some of his teammates went to Saunders with some ideas on how to mix things up a little bit more defensively.

"We presented it to him. We (players) just had to go out there and execute it," Prince said. "Once you come to coach with something, you have to really put your stamp on it and make it work. That was the case."

This wouldn't be nearly as notable to me if I still didn't remember how Rasheed Wallace changed defensive calls in the playoffs last year. But in any case, whatever the team cooked up for LBJ last week obviously worked -- I'm cool with more of the same should these teams cross paths again in the playoffs.

(Yes, I'm aware they play in the regular season finale, but for all intents and purposes that game should be treated like an exhibition.)