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Pistons host Wiz (and Blogfest announcement)

Quick Blogfest Announcement: If you bought tickets for Blogfest this Sunday, we're meeting at 11am in the Comcast Pavilion. We have a few things up our sleeves, including some prizes and some other surprises I can't really talk about just yet. I know 11am is two hours before tip-off, but it'll be worth it. And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting ...

The Wizards are in town, and they're (almost) at full strength with Gilbert Arenas back. Granted, Arenas has been coming off the bench for them since returning to action, so that means Rodney Stuckey and Co. will have their hands full tonight. Fortunately for the Pistons, Rip Hamilton is expected to return -- he's missed eight of the last nine with a sore hip and hasn't played since March 29.

The Pistons and Wiz have split their first two games, and tonight's game should be a good one. I'll be at the Palace filing pre-game, halftime and postgame reports for HOOPSWORLD, and as usual, leave your thoughts in the comments.