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Pistons finish the season in Cleveland

Ordinarily, this would be a pretty interesting game, but the NBA made an unfortunate decision to schedule the last meeting between these two division rivals on the final day of season, rendering it predictably irrelevant. (Can you remember the last time the season finale actually had a bearing on playoff seeding for the Pistons? Neither can I.)

So instead of a hard-nosed battle between familiar opponents, we'll get a few minutes of the starters followed by a parade of reserves with Flip Saunders and Mike Brown each knocking on wood the entire game hoping no one gets hurt. As recent as last year, the season finale was a chance to see little-used reserves get extended minutes (remember how exciting the Amir Johnson Experience was a year ago?) but with Detroit's depth this year, we've seen the Pistons go 12 deep on a semi-regular basis. I guess I'll be entertained if Walter Herrmann or Cheikh Samb recorded a double-double or something, but my guess is that those two won't even be active.

In any case, the ball just tipped -- if anyone is still out there is watching this laptop in hand, leave your thoughts in the comments.