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Rip and Arnie are racing

Negativity seems to hanging over Pistons fans like a wet blanket, so here's something to lighten the mood: trainer Arnie Kander and Rip Hamilton are apparently planning on racing this summer. Chris Silva first mentioned this over the weekend in the Detroit Free Press:

Hamilton has challenged Pistons strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander to a mile run that the Pistons' guard started hyping after Saturday's practice.

"After the season, me and Arnie Kander are going to go race a mile," Hamilton said as he left the practice facility. "Out here in the parking lot -- old school. I'm going to be coached by Michael (Spud) Hamilton, my cousin. Arnie (Kander) is going to be coached by Mr. Chest, Super Dave (Boyer)."

Boyer is an assistant to Kander.

Today, the Freep followed up on the "story," getting Kander's take:

The shooting guard randomly said Saturday he wants to take on Kander, whose self-reported mile time is 4:52.

"He doesn't have a chance," said Kander, 47. "He can juice, hang upside down, whatever."

Hamilton said he's a 4:50 miler himself. He clocks himself about once every summer, when his workouts often involve distance running.

Chances of this actually happening? I'm guessing slim. But what would the awesome factor be if this actually did go down and Kander won? Totally, completely off the charts. (On a side note, knowing Kander's homeopathic ways, I wouldn't be surprised if his "juice" reference referred to, you know, actual juice.)