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New time for DBB/N4S Blogfest

I'm guessing most of you have long-since tuned out that big, shiny Blogfest graphic to the right, but if you look at it again you'll see that there's a new time listed: the NBA has bumped up the 4/13 game between the Pistons and Raptors to 1pm so that ABC could televise it as the first half of a doubleheader.

So if you already bought your Blogfest tickets, take note of the new time. If you haven't yet bought tickets, rejoice in the fact that the earlier time means it'll be that much easier to come from out of town and still have time to drive/fly home and get a good night's rest for work on Monday. The original deadline to buy tickets was 3/28, but you can still get your orders in (PDF) if you get your order in soon.

Remember the deal: a $35 ticket for just $30 plus a free hat, not to mention the chance to rub elbows with me and Natalie. (What, that's not convincing? Um, did I mention the free hat?)