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Davidson, Dantley go to the Hall

Pistons owner Bill Davidson has been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame:

An owner of the Pistons since 1974 and the WNBA Shock since 1998, Davidson's Pistons have captured three NBA crowns to go along with two WNBA titles for the Shock. Davidson has served as Chairman of the NBA Board of Governors, and has been an innovative business leader in the sports industry - building the revolutionary Palace of Auburn Hills, playing an integral role in structuring modern NBA salary cap and free agency standards, and even owning the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning and capturing a Stanley Cup.

Joining Davidson in the Hall are former Pistons coach Dick Vitale and player Adrian Dantley, as well as obvious shoe-ins like Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing and Pat Riley. (And women's basketball pioneer and Immaculata University coach Cathy Rush. Can't forget about Cathy Rush.)