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As mentioned earlier this week, I was part of a panel of Detroit sports bloggers on WDET's Detroit Today Wednesday morning with host Craig Fahle along with Billfer of The Detroit Tigers Weblog, Big Al from the Wayne Fontes Experience and Matt Slaer from the On the Wings. I think it went well, and I appreciate the opportunity. In case you missed it, here's the clip:


The last topic we discussed was the "should bloggers have access?" question. I didn't have time to delve into my situation of having one foot in, one foot out in terms of access this year (ie, credentialed for other outlets but not for DBB), but that's probably a good thing -- I'm a better writer than speaker, and it's a topic that deserves a thoughtful explanation (which unfortunately I don't have the time to offer right now).

(Speaking of access, I was at the Palace on Tuesday for FanHouse. These are already a day old, but in case you missed them, here's my post on the game, as well as Mo Cheeks' role as a teacher and Flip Saunders on why young teams can be so dangerous.)