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Pictures don’t lie: Pistons caught (another) break

Ben Q Rock of Third Quarter Collapse does a great frame by frame breakdown of referee Mike Callahan's "cold feet" calling a blocking foul on Jason Maxiell in the final seconds of Saturday's one-point win for the Pistons. I don't know if anyone ever wants to see a playoff game decided on a blocking call, but still, the pictures don't lie, and I can see why Stan Van Gundy has sour grapes:

"Let's just say this _ (Maxiell) is in the restricted area, it's a block at any other time of the season," Van Gundy fumed following Orlando's practice Monday morning. "(Referee) Mike Callahan raises his hand and you can see it on the tape _ his hand's up and his hand's down and I can't explain that."

By the letter of the law, a foul probably should have been (and almost was) called, just like by the letter of the law, Chauncey's three-pointer to end the third quarter in Game 2 shouldn't have counted.

Orlando knew coming into this series that they'd need every break to go their way if they were going to have a chance upsetting the Pistons. Instead, they've experienced the exact opposite, from shaky calls on the court to mechanical problems with their plane forcing them to spend the night in Cincinnati between Games 2 and 3. I still think the Pistons would be in the same position they are now without this luck, but I understand completely if Magic fans think they've gotten a raw deal.