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No reaction to Jameer Nelson’s guarantee

No one on the Pistons seems to be taking offense from Jameer Nelson's "guarantee." From Krista Jahnke of the Free Press:

"I’ve heard from people that I guaranteed a win, but what am I supposed to do -- guarantee a loss? We’ve got to win the game,’’ Nelson said. "We have the confidence that we can do it. I believe it. It’s not that I’m saying it because that’s what we have to do, I believe in this team. I’m not saying it to be arrogant or cocky or anything like that, but we know we have to win -- so let’s go win.’’

The Pistons didn’t see Nelson as arrogant either. They can’t really fault his comment.

Said Tayshaun Prince: "He doesn’t have anything to lose by saying that. I think one thing he’s probably trying to do is spark his club. Who knows?

Said Flip Saunders: "I wouldn’t expect anything less. Teams have to have that mentality that, "We’re going to come back and play in Orlando." Anything less than that, you’d question their ability to beat you. That’s part of what it’s about."

Said Lindsey Hunter: "I don’t have a reaction. That’s how he feels, that’s how he feels. I’ve been on the other end of a guarantee too. I just laugh at those guys – even our own guys."

As a Pistons fan, it was always fun when Rasheed Wallace would guarantee a win ... up until the point he stopped batting 1.000. These "guarantees" are just words on paper, but if Nelson is really confident his team will win, I'd like to see him actually put something on the line. "We're going to win ... and if we don't, I'm giving my game check to charity." Win or lose, if a player did that, he'd be the top story on SportsCenter for days.