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Dumars: Billups will "try to give it a go tonight"

DBB reader Q-Dog emailed me a little bit ago to inform me that Joe Dumars was a guest on Chad Ford's NBA Dish podcast on ESPN today:

I just finished listening to ESPN’s "NBA Dish" podcast. Joe Dumars was the featured guest and Chad Ford asked him about Chauncey. He said, "…he went pretty good today, moving pretty good. I think he’s going to try to give it a go tonight. That’s what it looks like. He looked really good today in shootaround."

I liked what I heard from Joe, very good conversation about the team, the league and even some politics. (and past heated debates between he and Bill Laimbeer)

Dumars is a semi-frequent guest on Ford's podcast, and as I've said before, it's obvious the two have a good rapport, as Dumars seems more comfortable talking to Ford than he does in most other interviews. Here's the mp3 of the podcast or listen below: