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Is Curry allowed to interview with Bulls?

From K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

Mike D'Antoni isn't the only name that might be scratched off the Bulls' coaching list.

The Pistons continue to give signs they won't allow the Bulls to interview assistant Michael Curry.

Tellingly, Pistons general manager Joe Dumars, who has a strong relationship with Bulls GM John Paxson, allowed assistant Terry Porter to interview Thursday for the Suns' job. The Pistons have had an extended break as they wait for the Celtics-Cavaliers series, which is headed to a Game 7, to determine their opponent for the Eastern Conference finals.

In the meantime, Paxson will move on to other candidates, having received permission to interview Jazz assistant Tyrone Corbin. The Bulls also will seek permission to interview Lakers assistant Brian Shaw.

Johnson is being (perhaps purposefully) oblique -- what does "continue to give signs" actually mean? Let me take a guess: Johnson doesn't actually know one way or the other if the Bulls have asked permission or if the Pistons have granted it, but since he's compelled to fill inches, he's tossing it out there.

If he's wrong, well, he hedged his argument but refusing to say anything conclusive in the first place. If that's not Johnson's intent, he's doing a poor job conveying what information he does have.

(via BallHype)