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It’s the Celtics

After Boston's win over the Cavaliers last night, the Pistons finally know when, where and who they'll be playing the next round. Here's the schedule for the Eastern Conference Finals:

  1. Tuesday, May 20 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN
  2. Thursday, May 22 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN
  3. Saturday, May 24 at the Palace, 8:30pm, ABC
  4. Monday, May 26 at the Palace, 8:30pm, ESPN
  5. (if needed) Wednesday, May 28 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN
  6. (if needed) Friday, May 30 at the Palace, 8:30pm, ESPN
  7. (if needed) Sunday, June 1 @ Boston, 8:30pm, ESPN

Just because the Celtics took care of the Cavs doesn't mean that we might not see LeBron James at the Palace... From James Jahnke of the Free Press:

"I'm a fan of the game," the Cavaliers' main man said after Game 7 on Sunday. "You might even see me at a few playoff games."

Seems as though the Palace would make geographic sense for that, eh?

James continued: "I know Detroit is a very, very good road team. I think Detroit takes a lot of pride on the road, I think even more than they do at home. They're a very locked-in, zoned-in team. They've been to the conference finals, what, six straight years? I think Boston is going to take that challenge. It's going to be a great series, and I'm looking forward to seeing it."

Expect to see some new faces in the comments. With any luck, most visiting Celtics fans will follow our previous opponent's example and engage us by respectfully offering a rival's opinion, but be on the look out for those here to simply to stir the pot. You know the drill, don't feed the trolls, etc.

If you want to eavesdrop on the opposition, CelticsBlog is the place to be, not only for their (excellent) writing but also for their daily Celtics link-dump that makes every other link-dump hang its head in shame.