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Glen Davis has soft hands

Seriously? You're a rookie in the Conference Finals and you agree to an article in which you explain your manicure?

Nowadays, Big Baby, who got his name for his size and sensitivity during his elementary years in Louisiana, has a daily regimen of moisturizing, brushing and buffing himself into top form.

[...] Those habits include liberal use of Lubriderm lotion to keep his hands soft. He gets manicures twice a month, and favors - without apology - a clear top coat.

The stereotypical "guys-as-grimy-and-rough" image is outdated, he said.

"My generation is changing. Guys are doing the same things women are doing," he said.

Davis, dressed in a Gino T-shirt, Nike shorts and sandals, grabbed some of Ace’s new manicure tools - fingernail clippers and a nail brush - and began buffing.

"This is optimum playing nail," he said, pointing to the middle finger of his left hand to reveal the slightest slice of white extending from the finger. He clipped the others around it, talking about them as if he were shooting baskets.

"When you knock down a nail," he said. "Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom."

If I didn't read that myself on the Boston Herald's website I would have sworn it's a J.E. Skeets parody. I highly encourage you to check out the article and look at the pictures -- you couldn't Photoshop something that ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against personal hygiene or breaking down stereotypes, but the timing of this article is like he's begging to get made fun of by Detroit fans. (via TrueHoop)

Update: This article is actually from May 14 -- my bad. To be clear, I really have don't have a problem with guys who get manicures or pedicures -- I'm guessing at least half the players in the league do it. It just cracked me up that a rookie would agree to an entire interview about it complete with a video demonstration and pictures, just because I assumed the veterans would never let him live it down. But as CelticsBlog points out, this guy has funnier skeletons in his closet.