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Rodney Stuckey is the next Rodney Stuckey

From Drew Sharp in the Free Press:

"They're trying to fit these young point guards into an old mold that belonged to somebody else," Pistons veteran Lindsey Hunter said. "They're creating their own mold. People say that Chris Paul is another Isiah Thomas or Nate Archibald. No, he isn't. He has his own style. They say Deron Williams is another Jason Kidd. His game is nothing like his. But people are trying to diminish what these young fellas are doing by simply saying they're just following somebody else."

Hunter believes Stuckey also defies typecasting.

"He's a 6-5 point guard," Hunter said. "They try labeling him as a combo. He's a point who can create his own shot. I guarantee you that if they did that draft all over again, there's no way that he falls into our lap. He doesn't make it out of the top 10."

It seems like I've made a mental note in just about every playoff game about how well Stuckey has played. He's protecting the ball, which has been important with Billups sidelined/limited, but I was somewhat surprised to see how poorly he's been shooting: just .372 for the postseason, which ranks 11th on the team, ahead of only Jarvis Hayes (.286), Walter Herrmann (.250) and Juan Dixon (.000). That said, he ranks third in free throws attempted per game and is 8-15 from the field in the last two games, so maybe he's turned the corner.