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Chauncey Billups: I have to be more aggressive

Chauncey Billups expects to be more aggressive in Game 2. From Keith Langlois' blog:

Billups said he came out of Game 1 feeling pretty good physically and expects not only he, but backcourt partner Rip Hamilton, will attack more often in Game 2.

"I’m going to – I probably will," he said. "I know with Rip and I not being aggressive and trying to score the ball, our chances, they go down a little bit. So I think that he and I both have to be a little more aggressive, and that’s not necessarily taking shots but just getting into the teeth of the defense. You know they load up, you know they’re going to be coming off on penetration, and (it’s important) to get guys easier shots and not fight the shot clock so much.

"The rhythm was a little bit off, but even when they don’t let you reverse the ball, then that’s when you’re going to take action, take seams. That’s just something that once you see how teams are playing certain things, that’s when you make certain adjustments. I think we’ll do a better job of that tomorrow."

Like I said before, Game 1 was all testing the hamstring and regaining rhythm; tonight's game is when we should expect the real Chauncey Billups to step forward. Rip Hamilton plans on giving his backcourt mate a hand. From Chris McCosky:

"If you watch our offense, 80 percent of the time it starts with the ball in Chauncey's hands," Hamilton said. "We have to put him in a situation where he can come out and catch the ball and not have to spend a whole lot of energy bringing it up the court."

Hamilton suggested that he or Prince could bring the ball up.

"[Boston] is so aggressive on the strong side of the ball," said Hamilton. "Chauncey has to spend so much energy bringing it up, then when he comes off he's facing a loaded-up defense. Once he gets out of that, there's seven or eight seconds on the shot clock.

From the sounds of things, Billups is hoping he'll be able to get Rasheed Wallace more involved, as well. From Chris Silva in the Free Press:

The Pistons want to get their versatile big man more involved tonight, but defensive player of the year Kevin Garnett isn't the only Celtic standing in the way. Because Boston loads up on the strong side, Wallace is seeing defenders from every angle.

"They've got a guy at the elbow, they've got a guy coming behind if (Wallace) is to get by KG, so you've got to be able to create ways to shoot the ball," Chauncey Billups said. "You can't just (isolate) him down there. (Garnett is) too good defensively."

Neither Billups nor Wallace looked anything like the players they were for most of the year up until this point; if they revert to form, this series should head back to Detroit all tied up.