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No suspension for Rip Hamilton, but cross your fingers for Rasheed Wallace

This is old news, but just to be thorough, the NBA fined Rip Hamilton for throwing an elbow at Kevin Garnett in Game 1. This is actually good news, since there was a small (okay, tiny) chance that Rip might have been suspended. That said, it doesn't sound like there's any hard feelings on Boston's side. From Chris Silva of the Detroit Free Press:

Added Boston coach Doc Rivers: "It was flagrant, I can tell you that. We thought that at the time. But again, Rip is a good guy, great guy, and it's an emotional game and that kind of stuff happens. I've done it before, too, and thank God at that time we didn't have flagrant 1s or 2s. It's just part of the game at times, and it's not a big deal."

Speaking of suspensions, Rasheed Wallace is flirting with one of his own: he picked up his fifth tech of the postseason in the first quarter last night, just two away from a mandatory one-game vacation. Once a player accumulates seven techs in the postseason, another suspension follows after every other tech the rest of the playoffs.

In all honesty, this may be the stupidest rule in the game, especially considering by design it creates controversy. The only teams it could possibly affect are the ones who advance deep into the playoffs, which means the first time a player is actually punished under this rule, it'll happen under a huge spotlight.

Besides, techs are so subjective in the first place -- some refs give players a long leash while others actually egg them on (cough, Joey Crawford, cough). Punish players by hitting them in the pocket book, not ruining a series that millions of fans would like to see decided by the best players playing.