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It’s hard being a Pistons fan in Boston

I usually don't link to comments made on other blogs, but this is worthy of an exception. From BW in response to Dr. LIC's ode to Rodney Stuckey at Free Darko:

I watched the game from a bar in Boston last night... and as the 4th quarter wound down, I couldn't keep in my Detroit loyalties any longer. No big deal, I thought.

After the game ended, the guy to my right turned to me.

"It's not that I like the Celtics... I just moved here. I've lived in Pittsburgh, I grew up in Chicago. The Bulls are my team."

I nodded.

"I hate the Pistons."

He said it with an unexpected weight. I let the silence rest a beat too long and then tried to stammer out an uncomfortable "yeah" and whatever else would follow.

He shook his head.

"No, look. I hate my father." He rolled up his sleeves and pointed. "See these - these tattoos - I got them because I hate my dad so much."

We both looked up as Rip was giving the postgame interview.

He pointed at the screen.

"But I hate the Pistons more."

We went back to our beers and I faked a phone call a few minutes later. I wish I had something glib to wrap this up with (!) but the moment was too intense. Worth sharing, though, I think.

So, in a crude segue, where do Pistons fans in Boston watch a game without angry Chicagoans by way of Pittsburgh ruining the atmosphere?

Where do fans in [LA | Chicago | NY | DC | anywhere else] watch Pistons games?