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Rip Hamilton: "There’s no way in hell I’m not playing tonight"

From A. Sherrod Blakely of Booth Newspapers:

Richard Hamilton's strained right elbow is still not feeling great, but it won't keep him out of the lineup tonight.

As he was making his way off the practice floor to receive treatments, he told me "there's no way in hell I'm not playing tonight."

And from Dana Gauruder of the Oakland Press:

"This is now or never," he said. "I talked to my dad and he said, 'Man, just spit on it. You're all right.' We're at war right now. You ain't go no choice to sit down or anything like that. I feel all right. I feel good enough to go out and play."

Last but not least, from Keith Langlois' blog:

"My arm got stuck when we were wrestling to try to get that last rebound," Hamilton said. "My arm got stuck, my hand went down and my elbow came up and I felt something like pop in there. I thought I could shake it off, but I couldn’t do it."

After attempting a few shots – "nothing really deep, just trying to get range of motion on it," he said – Hamilton had words of advice for his teammates.

"Don’t look at me as no handicap. That’s what I told the guys and I told the coach. Don’t say, ‘OK, Rip can’t shoot.’ No. I’m good. I’m fine. I’m ready to roll."

And if Game 6 comes down to a final shot, would Hamilton be prepared to take it.?