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Game 4 will be on FSN, ESPN

Yesterday I tried to clarify the TV situation for Saturday's Game 4 but all I ended up doing was causing more confusion. So disregard what I said before, here's what you need to know: if you're anywhere in Michigan, FSN Detroit (and FSN HD) will broadcast a pre-game show at 4:30 and the game at 5:00. If you can't get FSN Detroit, ESPN (and ESPN HD) will broadcast their pre-game show at 4:30 and the game at 5pm.

My original jumbled message appears below for posterity's sake:

All the playoff games now are on national TV, but if you're in Michigan and want the local angle, note that Game 4 on Saturday will be on FSN and FSNHD. Pistons Insider starts at 4:30 and then Blaha and Special K do the game at 5pm. Update: Actually, I don't think this one is on national TV. Bummer.