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Arnie Kander heals Chauncey and delivers babies

Chauncey Billups was still sore at practice this morning but the training staff doesn't seem too concerned. From A. Sherrod Blakely:

"I've seen about 2,000 hamstrings," said Arnie Kander, Detroit's strength and conditioning coach. "I look at this as being nothing more than what we've seen in the past. Because of the slowness of the movement; because of the nature of what occurred, him being able to pull out of it and the fact that he feels this morning the same as he did last night ... that's a great sign. Usually the next morning, you feel worse."

Also, as a testament to Arnie's amazing healing touch, he also found time to give Krista Jahnke advice on her pregnancy:

I asked him jokingly on Wednesday whether he can give me an advice to have a pain-free labor (I’m seven and a half months pregnant).

He didn’t skip a beat, saying, "Sure," and launching into a quick rundown of stuff that was over my head. He mentioned "healers" and said something about how it’s all about "moving energy." He said his wife had two nearly pain-free labors without any medication.

If he can do that, what’s a strained hamstring?

The man is a wizard, I tell you.