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Billups and Kander’s quality time

Flip Saunders claims he's thinking about using Amir Johnson in Game 4. From A. Sherrod Blakely:

Pistons coach Flip Saunders talked some about Rashard Lewis who has given them fits throughout this series. Lewis' play is one of the reasons why Jarvis Hayes is out of the rotation, and replaced by Walter Herrmann. Saunders said he's also giving some thought to putting Amir Johnson on Lewis tomorrow night.

"Just because of his (Johnson's) quickness and his length and his ability to defend people out on the floor, but also if he gets beat off the dribble, he can make it up and contest at the rim," Saunders said.

A.S.B. also has the latest Chauncey Billups update in the same article; not much has changed, though it seems Chauncey and Arnie Kander are getting to know each other quite well:

"I'm feeling a little better," Billups said. "Y'all probably have a better chance of asking my roommate Arnie."

As in Arnie Kander, the team's strength and conditioning coach. Billups was up to about 1 a.m. this morning doing stuff with Kander, with treatments resuming about eight hours later.

"He doesn't need a room," Kander said. "He's been in my room. We were up to 1 in the morning and started back at 9 this morning."

No matter what Saunders says, I'm quite confident we'll see a dinged up Billups before a perfectly healthy Johnson, which is actually pretty sad.