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What people said about Curry six years ago …

... they're still saying today: he's a leader, he relates to players and he takes it upon himself to keep everybody motivated. Check it out for yourself in this old Free Press article about Curry's role on the 2001-02 Pistons:

But Curry, a Pistons co-captain, is more than a shoulder to lean on. He's part camp counselor and amateur psychologist, a motivator who studies the emotions and mind-sets of his teammates. He helps Carlisle push the right buttons to achieve team goals. And he does it without being asked.

Curry is also the player, his teammates say, who has delivered some of the most memorable and most eloquent locker room talks this season, quoting everything from the Bible to messages from the heart.

[...] "I understand what I can do as a player, and I understand what is needed for me to do as a player," Curry said. "I've tried to fit into what the team wants. I know what the team goals are, and my objective is to succeed at achieving those goals. I see myself as a guy who bridges the gap between the coaches and the players. I try to make sure everyone buys into the system so we can have success. That's all I care about."

Asked about his play, Curry said: "I think what I contribute on the court helps my leadership. My teammates know that I could shoot more, but I decline to shoot more to help my other teammates get shots. They know I'm giving up myself. They know I'm about the team, and that helps make me a better leader for them."

If you read the whole thing, I guarantee you'll be properly amped for today's announcement in which he's officially named head coach. (Thanks to Quick Darshan for the link)