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Pistons reveal which players have worked out

Pistons director of player personnel George David spoke to the Free Press about which players the team has already worked out:

David wouldn't divulge every prospect the team has worked out, but he did give some names: Vanderbilt shooting guard Shan Foster, Tennessee-Martin combo guard Lester Hudson, Israeli small forward Omri Casspi, Kansas State swingman Bill Walker, Alabama power forward Richard Hendrix and Indiana power forward D.J. White, all of whom would be considered for the first-round pick.

The team also has worked out Virginia Tech swingman Deron Washington, Southern Cal forward Davon Jefferson, Hillsborough (Fla.) Community College forward Keith Brumbraugh and Georgetown forward Patrick Ewing Jr., for its second-round slot.

According to Internet rumors, the Pistons promised White that they'll draft him if possible -- but David laughed at the notion. "From what I've heard, we've made four promises," he said. "His promise was two weeks ago, so that's about three promises behind."

Is David telling the truth about White? I'm inclined to believe him, but only because that rumor didn't seem to grow legs beyond the initial report. But if the Pistons did make a promise, I'd expect David to brush it off, just like how Joe Dumars denied making a promise to Rodney Stuckey a year ago.

(That said, does David protest too much? Have there really been three other alleged promises? I know he's trying to make light of how you can't believe everything you hear, but I haven't heard about any other promises.)