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It's not often you see a team dominate the rest of the league from wire-to-wire, but the Celtics were hands down the best team in the world from the first game of the regular season to the end of their 39-point thrashing of the Lakers last night. Congrats to the team and its fans for winning the 17th NBA title.

While part of me still resents how that team came together (two future Hall of Famers can be had for a couple of good young players and spare parts?), anyone who's ever cheered for the Pistons should be able to appreciate the Celtics' approach to the game: going balls out 100% of the time and imposing their will on defense.

Also, here's to hoping Boston's performance puts an end to all the chest-pounding about how good the West is. I'm admittedly biased, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking there's not any question that the best two teams in the league were in the East this year.