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Bill Davidson wanted Flip Saunders gone

From Keith Langlois at True Blue Pistons, the Pistons' official blog:

Joe Dumars wasn’t the only one with a voice that matters who left The Palace the night of the Pistons’ elimination by Boston saying, "I’d seen enough." So had his owner.

"Absolutely," Pistons owner William Davidson told me Wednesday morning. "No question in my mind. And I encouraged Joe to sever the relationship with Flip Saunders."

This is interesting, and perhaps a bit of validation for Chris McCosky. For what it's worth, Davidson also likes the Michael Curry hire:

"I love Michael Curry," he said. "Michael worked for us. He comes in at 6 in the morning. The nice thing is when he was a player here, he established a home. He’s kept that home, so his identification with the area and the team is 100 percent. I have great, great confidence that Michael is going to do a tremendous job."