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The "Trent Plaisted is a Piston" post

Via the Sonics in the DJ White trade, the Pistons take Trent Plaisted out of Brigham Young with the 46th overall pick. He's 6-10 and a quarter (seriously, ESPN is giving him that quarter inch) but apparently doesn't play tall, says ESPN.

Bill Walker, once rumored to have a promise from the Pistons, was drafted one spot later by the Wizards at 47.

Plaisted didn't make a strong impression at the Orlando pre-draft camp in late May. From DraftExpress:

Plaisted struggled to make his impact felt on the court consistently, just floating up and down aimlessly at times and not using his athleticism to finish particularly strong around the basket. You can’t ignore his physical tools, but at the same time, you’d like to see him make more use of it on the glass or defensively. He’s in this draft for good, so he really would serve himself well to bring the intensity level up a notch and having a strong showing in the last day of the camp.

From Keith Langlois:

Keith Langlois: Trent Plaisted of BYU goes 46, presumably to the Pistons. They worked him out. Nice offensive touch. Supposedly more of a finesse player than a banger, though he's an honest 6-10.

He's not just an honest 6-10, Keith, he's an honest 6-10 and a quarter!

Video highlights from FOX Sports. More highlights from his announcement in April that he was entering the draft: