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Walter Sharpe played 40 games in college, not 18

Keith Langlois has a decent article about Walter Sharpe over at True Blue Pistons. Unfortunately, he also made the same mistake I've seen just about everybody make when talking about Sharpe:

Sharpe’s college career consisted of 18 games, or roughly half of one of the four seasons Prince put in at Kentucky while playing in 135 games over his college career.

Krista Jahnke made the same mistake for the Free Press:

Sharpe, who transferred after one season at Mississippi State, played in 12 games last season for UAB before he was suspended.

Sharpe played two years at Mississippi State, not one. I already clarified this twice before -- here's what I wrote last night:

Walter Sharpe’s collegiate career spans 40 games, not 18, as some outlets have mistakenly reported. He played 22 as a freshman with Mississippi State in 2004-05, six as a sophomore, sat out his third year and played 12 last year after transferring to UAB. Everyone seems to be latching on to the idea that his entire career is 18 games long because ESPN and Yahoo and the like are only showing three years on their player profile pages, but he’s from the high school class of 2004, the same as Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, J.R. Smith, Boobie Gibson, Shaun Livingston, Arron Afflalo, DJ White ...)

I'm not picking on Langlois or Jahnke -- everyone in the media has overlooked those first 22 games. Granted, they weren't exactly memorable -- he wasn't a starter and averaged just 2.4 points in 8.9 minutes -- but he did play them.