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A Pro/Con List for Tom Izzo

Here's Kevin's snarky semi-rebuttal to my call for Tom Izzo.
By: Kevin Sawyer

As any loyal Wolverine would, Matt has made the case that Tom Izzo should take over the Pistons head coaching job. Here is a pro/con response:

Pro: Going to Izzo proves to the fans that Detroit is genuinely concerned about getting this right. This search isn’t about cronyism, it’s about finding the best person for the job, and Izzo might well be that man. Even considering him instills confidence in the players and fan base.
Con: If he wants the gig, Izzo would need to initiate this dance. An overture from the Pistons would generate a news story, which could not possibly end well (see: Magic, Orlando).

Pro: Izzo’s presence would open the door to bringing in Zach Randolph for pennies on the dollar and maximizing his top-20 potential. Maybe he’ll save Stuckey and Tay in a shootout. Who knows?
Con: Randolph could just as likely get Stuckey and Tay killed in a shootout.

Pro: Izzo shares Dumars' ability to authentically relate to the press without tipping his hand. With Dumars, it's just a nice hors d'oeuvres to his entree. Izzo, on the other hand, has a knack for leveraging the media to motivate players without throwing them (the players) under the bus.
Con: I suspect a Tayshaun Prince will be able to read between the lines better than a Goran Suton or Paul Davis.

Pro: Izzo! We all love Tom Izzo! Michigan (state) Pride! Woo!
Con: Mateen Cleaves.

Pro: Tom Izzo is great at pushing the tempo, leveraging his defensive emphasis to get his teams moving on the open court.
Con: Nobody on our team was in the top 20 in steals per game.

Pro: Tom Izzo is a strong recruiter, who can help bring fresh faces to the Pistons organization.
Con: This is a great skill to have at the college level.

Pro: Izzo is a proven winner, especially at the playoff level.
Con: Derrick Rose is headed for our division.