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Odd, unsourced rumor of the day …

... comes from Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post:

It's no secret NBA front-office executives have tried to measure if the Nuggets might actually be willing to part ways with the 24-year-old Anthony, despite assurances to his agent that Denver is not actively shopping the high-scoring forward on the trade market.

Look for the Pistons, who fell just short of reaching the NBA Finals for the third straight season, to be among the teams putting out feelers in regard to Anthony's availability, according to a league source.

Does anyone actually know what "a league source" is? Or what "putting out feelers" entails? Did Scott Perry tweet "@Nuggets: We like Melo, who do you want?" Is Arnie Kander sending smoke signals to Steve Hess? Is a reporter simply trolling message boards?

We'll never know! And when nothing comes of this, no one can ever say Kiszla was wrong. And if someone did, seriously, man, it was a just a "feeler," cut him some slack.

(For whatever it's worth, the rumor is spreading, though it's always impossible to gauge why -- are other reporters chiming in analysis to avoid being scooped, or have they independently verified the rumor in the first place? Sorry for being skeptical, unnamed sources do nothing for me these days.)

Update: Dana Gauruder of the Oakland Press shares my opinion:

A short Denver Post article, which stated that the Pistons might be interested in Anthony, created the feeding frenzy. This struck me as either pure speculation or someone within the Nuggets organization floating a balloon to see how much they could get for their pseudo-superstar.

Anthony is a prolific scorer, the type of player the Pistons have lacked during their long run among the Eastern Conference elite. But on every other level, Anthony is the type of player and person Dumars doesn't want.