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No sense talking about McGrady …

... at least, so says Chris McCosky:

Since when does a one-sentence, non-sourced note from a non-NBA writer in a secondary publication up in Canada warrant such buzz? The Pistons and Rockets are not having on-going discussions about Tracy McGrady. There is no deal. Nothing is remotely close. Joe Dumars hasn't talked to the Rockets in several weeks and the Rockets have made it clear they have zero interest in trading T-Mac.

There's a huge variety of opinions among Pistons fans regarding McGrady, so I imagine this will please a great deal of people and annoy the rest. I'm actually on the fence, in part because the idea of trading for him seems so fanciful I'm not able to form a solid opinion. But I will say I disagree vehemently with the "McGrady is a loser ..." school of thought. Not too long ago, the same could have been said about Kevin Garnett, too. A winning team is rarely, if ever, a one-man show.

(Also, yes, I'm back. Many, many thanks to Mike Payne for filling in this weekend.)