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CJ Miles is off the market

He signed with the Seattle Oklahoma City Sonics Something-or-others. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Miles signed a four-year, $15 million contract with Oklahoma City, sources said Friday. Utah will have seven days to decide about matching the offer sheet and keeping the restricted free-agent guard.

The quest for a backup three continues. So who's left? The Celtics are in a very similar position as Detroit with James Posey defecting to the Hornets -- here's the best remaining options that Matt Porter of the Boston Globe could come up with: Tony Allen, Matt Barnes, Mo Evans, Ryan Gomes, Michael Finley, Devean George, Bostjan Nochbar and Bonzi Wells.

I wouldn't be terribly excited about bringing Evans back and Finley is a bit long in the tooth, but I could actually get up for Barnes, Nochbar or even Wells. Gomes has some upside, as well, but I'm guessing he's out of Detroit's price range.

(On a side note, sorry for the short and/or non-existent posts lately -- I'm in Vegas for the Summer League and have been stretched thin. Expect some Pistons stuff up on FanHouse in a little bit, though.)