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Another summer league chat …

Just like yesterday, I'll be doing a live chat about the Summer League over at FanHouse from 6:30-7:30. Head over if you have any questions about Detroit's draft picks, Amir Johnson and Cheikh Samb's progress, what Detroit missed out on by passing up Nathan Jawai, or anything, really. Thing were pretty slow yesterday, so I can almost guarantee I'll get to your question. If not today, we'll be doing one last chat on Sunday evening. (Update: actually, no, we're not.)

As I'm sure you noticed, I haven't had much time to post on DBB since I've been out here, but I did post (yet another) Amir Johnson interview yesterday. I also talked to Will Bynum and Deron Washington after yesterday's game -- I hope to get those up later today. (Also Tractor!)