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The elusive Walter Sharpe highlight package

Like many of you, one of the first things I did after hearing that the Pistons drafted Walter Sharpe was hit up YouTube. There was barely anything there, but earlier this week the University of Alabama-Birmingham's athletic department uploaded a bona fide highlight reel. Considering Sharpe played only 12 games for UAB, I'm impressed. (Hat-tip: LanierFan)

All in all, Sharpe doesn't hold a candle to Deron Washington when it comes to pure jump-out-the-gym-ness, but it's easy to see why the Pistons were intrigued: he's got a hell of a wingspan and a big body that looks like it can create space.

He admits that his defense needs work and his offensive game is a work in progress, but the tools are there. If he can bring that reckless energy at the three that Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson do at the four, I think Sharpe could surprise this year, especially considering Michael Curry is expected to place more trust in the team's younger players than the previous regime.