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Summer league roster set

The Pistons announced their summer league roster a few days ago -- it's mostly what we thought it'd be (absolutely stacked with the likes of Rodney Stuckey, Arron Afflalo, Amir Johnson and this year's rookie class), but a few of the lesser names have been switched around.

For one, Dee Brown has been replaced with Will Bynum. DBB reader Ohad, who lives in Israel and saw all of Bynum's games for Macabi Tel Aviv, emailed the following scouting report:

I think it is a total waste of time to let him play for the Pistons' summer league. He played this year in Macabi Tel Aviv and I saw all his games. He is a short, very athletic, fast (watch his first step - amazing) guard who makes really bad decisions with the ball. Was supposed to play point and he actually did but really unsuccessfully. Plenty of TO to go with those assists. Another thing I found weird is how easily he is trapped when doubled teamed with a full/half court press. He just freaks out and desperately looks for someone else to handle the ball and then turns it over. I'd take Stuckey any day of the week. An assist/TO ratio of 3:2.3?! I don't think so!

For what it's worth, Ohad was equally as disenchanted with former (and future?) Piston Alex Acker, who averaged just 5.5 points a game in the regular season and playoffs last year for Barcelona. In Acker's defense, he was apparently playing through a knee injury.

If you remember, Keith Langlois said Acker actually has a chance of sticking with the Pistons. I'll believe it when I see it -- it seems clear to me this is simply the Pistons extending a courtesy to a former draft pick.

If you want info on some of the other guys rounding out the roster, check out's Full-Court Press -- Dave Dial has done an excellent job rounding up info on the likes of Kentrell Gransberry, Ryvon Covile, Marcus Stout and Derrick Allen.